Black mold and toxic mold cause sick building syndrome. Mold Free® performs black mold and toxic mold inspections, remediations, abatements, and clean ups. Mold Free® will inspect to find the hidden toxic mold and black mold to stop sick building syndrome.

Careers in Mold Inspection & Remediation

Demand for Mold Inspection and Remediation services is growing rapidly all across the nation, and Mold Free® is currently seeking to expand its national coverage into new markets.

Business Opportunities are Available Throughout the United States

If you are interested in joining the Mold Free® team, click here for a franchise information packet and application (403K pdf), or contact us immediately by phone or email.

Become a Certified Mold Inspection or Remediation Professional

The National Association of Mold Professionals offers Certification Courses almost every month and, according to the NAMP, "Certified Mold Inspectors/Remediators
consistently earn the highest income in the industry."

To become an NAMP member, or to find out more about certification, Visit the NAMP web site.

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