Black mold and toxic mold cause sick building syndrome. Mold Free® performs black mold and toxic mold inspections, remediations, abatements, and clean ups. Mold Free® will inspect to find the hidden toxic mold and black mold to stop sick building syndrome.

Here are some other resources for information about mold
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Mold and Your Health
• The National Center for Disease Control and Prevention    Search for "toxic mold." 
A good source of relevant information.
• American Academy of Pediatrics:  Toxic Effects of Indoor Molds
• Environmental Health Watch
There is an overwhelming consensus among scientists that mold and water damaged housing are threats to human health.
• Living With Mold:  Health Problems
Directories of Toxic Mold Lawyers
• Resources for problems with contractors
• Homeowners Against Defective Dwellings
• Homeowners for Better Building
• Homeowners Organization for Mediation and Education (Texas)
• Mold Survivors Forum
Home Mold Testing
• IMS Laboratory
For the "do-it-yourself" types, this site offers a kit that allows you to test for mold at home.  The test is simple and the kit is very inexpensive.
Remediation Training/Certification
• National Association of Mold Professionals
Mold Related Insurance Issues
• Proposed Legislation:  The United States Toxic Mold Safety and Protection Act
• Claims Magazine
This is a very informative article written for insurance claim adjusters and explains when mold damage is a covered loss. The article also states that the general rule of thumb is very simple: If you can see mold or smell mold, you have to remove it.
• Insurance Implications of Toxic Mold Claims
• National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies Mold Update
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