Black mold and toxic mold cause sick building syndrome. Mold Free® performs black mold and toxic mold inspections, remediations, abatements, and clean ups. Mold Free® will inspect to find the hidden toxic mold and black mold to stop sick building syndrome.

Advisory to the Public

Reprinted by Permission of The National Association of Mold Professionals

Due to the increased public awareness of the potential adverse health effects of mold, and the general lack of trained professionals in the mold inspection, testing, and cleanup industries, many in the general public are being swindled out of their life savings while being left with uninhabitable homes (sometimes with worse mold infestations than when they started).

Many disreputable companies and individuals, in an attempt to make a quick dollar, have entered the mold industry with no knowledge of microbiology and dubious mold testing and cleanup procedures.  Do not be taken in by these con artists.  When possible, always use a NAMP certified mold inspector or remediator.

Remember the following:

  1. Do not hire anyone who performs mold inspections as a sideline (make sure mold is their primary business).
  2. Do not hire tradesmen without specialized knowledge such as:  roofing contractors; carpet cleaners; duct cleaners; basement waterproofers; plumbers; heating/cooling contractors; home remodelers or fire restoration companies.
  3. Do not hire anyone who claims they can kill mold with ozone, flowers, bleach alone, sand blasting, or anti-microbial paint (these methods will NOT work).
  4. Do not hire anyone without a degree in microbiology, chemistry, environmental science or a certification from the National Association of Mold Professionals.
  5. Do not hire anyone who cannot thoroughly answer your questions or who makes you feel uneasy.

Remember, NAMP trained individuals have the education and the only authoritative credentials for Mold Professionals.

The best way to protect your family is to investigate the credentials of the individual or company performing the mold inspection, testing, or cleanup before you invest your money.

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